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IHA Championships

PLEASE NOTE: Below outlines Mandatory and Supplemental rules for the IHA Championships, June 4 – 13, at Xfinity Roller Sports Arena.


All players from all teams must be dressed in consistent and exact matching team uniforms. This means jerseys of the same color and current team logo. Outdated jersey versions with old logos, inconsistent markings, or color hues, are not in compliance.

For any violation of this by any player entering the floor of play for a game, that team will be assessed a 2:00 bench minor penalty for Delay of Game at the start of the game. This penalty is one per player for every game that player participates with the wrong jersey. If 2 of more players enter the playing floor with non-matching jerseys, the penalties will run consecutively.


All equipment must be inside of the player’s uniform. This means shoulder and elbow pads inside jerseys. This means thigh, knee, and shin pads must be inside of pants. No exceptions. For any violation of this by any player entering the floor of play for a game, that player will be assessed a 2:00 minor penalty for Illegal Equipment at the start of the game. If 2 or more players enter the playing floor in violation of this rule, the penalties will run consecutively.


During all pregame warmups, no pucks will be shot against the wall on the spectator stands’ side of the Arena. For violation of this rule, a warning by the referees will be given. Subsequent violation will incur a 2:00 bench minor penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, at the start of the game. Note: this is a safety issue. Spectators can be seriously injured should a puck rise up and go over the glass on that side.

Mercy Rule:

As with all IHA tournaments, an 8 goal differential "mercy" rule will be applied at the beginning of the 2nd period. The 1st period will be allowed to be played to its entirety regardless of score differential. Due to the nature of the mercy rule, games can and will start early. Please be conscious of this as the tournament goes on, as we will start the next game immediately. Goalies are expected to be ready ON-TIME for their games, teams without a goalie to start a game will be allowed to play with a 5th skater until a goalie is available. Officials have been instructed to start games as close to on time as possible.


For all round robin games, any game going into overtime will be allotted one 5:00 OT period. The first team to score wins the game. If no team scores, a shootout will commence. For all playoff and championships games, the OT period will be continuous until one team scores and wins the game. First goal scored wins the game. No shootouts will occur.

Game Misconducts:

Any player receiving a Game Misconduct penalty is automatically assessed a one game suspension. This means the player is removed from the current game being played, AND must also sit the next game for that team, whether or not it is a round robin, playoff, or championship game. Note: Game Misconducts may also incur additional, multiple game suspensions, should the penalty/violation warrant it.

We look forward to a great tournament.

Thank you.

Robert James /  President - CEO, Skate City Sports


Out of State Teams
$500 entry fee per team

Colorado Teams
$65 per Player

All teams will play:
• 3 or 4 games
• Playoffs

   (if your team qualifies)

IHA Championship Block Schedule

JUNE 4TH - 6TH :
 * Tier 1, Tier 2, Masters 35 & older
JUNE 8th - 9th :
JUNE 10th - 11TH :
JUNE 12TH - 13th :
*8 & Under will play with 10U