Skate City Adult Rec Hockey

Adult Rec Hockey leagues at Skate City are designed for players of all skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced.

  • All rec league scrimmages and games are at Skate City

  • Players may register individually or submit a teammate request with their registration.

  • We offer multiple skill-level divisions in our Adult Rec Leagues (Upper & Lower Divisions)

Players will register for their proper division based on skill level and experience.

Most games will be played on Monday and Tuesday nights.


League Registration Fee Includes:

  • 8 games plus PLAYOFFS

  • 36 min (two 18 min halves) games

  • League Fee = $75 ($10 late fee added if registering after first scrimmage date)

Click here to register for our Adult Rec League.


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Budweiser Coors Corona Guinness Heiniken Stella
Max Kolbe Nathan Hopkins Wayne Chesser Brad Montgomery Billy Bostwick Henry Korn
Jake Kolbe Andrew Sewald Trevor Yant Ben Montgomery Jeremy Carrel Phil Korn
Kyle Webb Matt Martitz Christian Figuli Terry Murtha Chad Chambliss Eric Martinez
Holden Goraczowski Stephen Pooley TJ Dorsey Trint Roa Ryan McCabe Chris Attalla
Taron Lee Gabe Dorra Bill Yant Matt Burin JT Tomaskovic Mike Durning
Michael Pascoe Travis Good Gerad Bottorff Kevin Dwyer Blake Mulqueen Joey
Matt Meeks Kaylee Szuch Michael Albert Jon Kukic Robert Even Alex Todd
Ryan McCabe Logan Trujilo Kyler Hutton Michael Nosenko Justin Hawkins David Marklowitz
Cameron Smith (G) Nick Chase-Lujan (G) Dustin Hutton (G) Adam Ulrich (G) Bill Martitz (G) Ryan Gulatier


Monday, February 12th 1000 pm Guinness vs. Budweiser
Tuesday, February 13th 815 pm Stella vs. Heineken
900 pm Corona vs. Budweiser
945 pm Coors vs. Guinness
Tuesday, February 20th 830 pm Coors vs. Budweiser
915 pm Heineken vs. Corona
1000 pm Guinness vs. Stella
Wednesday, February 21st 915 pm Stella vs. Corona
1000 pm Heineken vs. Coors
Monday, February 26th 900 pm Stella vs. Coors
945 pm Budweiser vs. Heineken
Thursday, March 1st 815 pm Guinness vs. Corona
900 pm Stella vs. Budweiser
945 pm Coors vs. Heineken
Tuesday, March 6th 815 pm Stella vs. Guinness
900 pm Heineken vs. Budweiser
945 pm Coors vs. Corona
Thursday, March 8th 915 pm Guinness vs. Heineken
1000 pm Budweiser vs. Corona
Monday, March 12th 915 pm Stella vs. Heineken
1000 pm Guinness vs. Budweiser
Tuesday, March 13th 900 pm Budweiser vs. Coors
945 pm Stella vs. Corona
Thursday, March 15th 815 pm Heineken vs. Corona
900 pm Guinness vs. Coors
Monday, March 19th 900 pm Seed # 6 vs. Seed # 3
945 pm Seed # 5 vs. Seed # 4
Thursday, March 22nd 815 pm Seed # 1 vs. Lowest remaining seed
900 pm Seed # 2 vs. Highest remaining seed
Monday, March 26th 730 pm Highest remaining seed vs. Lowest remaining seed